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SafeQL 💪 Sequelize

SafeQL is compatible with Sequelize which supports raw queries as well!


Sequelize doesn't come with a built-in SQL template tag (sql``).

Thus, you'll need to install @ts-safeql/sql-tag in order to use SafeQL with Sequelize.

If you prefer using a different SQL template tag library, that's fine too! see sql-template-strings and sql-template-tag

// eslint.config.js

import safeql from "@ts-safeql/eslint-plugin/config";
import tseslint from "typescript-eslint";

export default tseslint.config(
  // ...
    // ... (read more about configuration in the API docs)
    targets: [
      // this will lint syntax that matches "sequelize.query(sql`...`)"
      { wrapper: "sequelize.query" },

Once you've set up your configuration, you can start linting your queries:

import { Sequelize } from "sequelize";

const sequelize = new Sequelize();

// Before
const query = sequelize.query("SELECT idd FROM users");
                                      ~~~ Error: column "idd" does not exist 

// After bug fix
const query = sequelize.query("SELECT id FROM users");
              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Error: Query is missing type annotation

// After: ✅
const query = sequelize.query(sql`SELECT id FROM users`);